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Account of CEVEO activities September 2005


Veterinary cooperation between France and Vietnam is developing :

  1. Two professional education courses for Vietnamese veterinary practitioners are planned :
    • In October and early November in the south of the country, a week's course on current pathology in pig farms will take place in our Reference Veterinary Centre ( RVC ) of LONG THANH in the DONG NAI province.
    • In November and early December, in the North, a one week's dairy cow course will take place in the HANOIU area.

    In both cases a lot of practical work will be organized and also visits to breeding farms.

  2. The DONG NAI RVC is going to be equipped with high performances diagnosis instruments, ultrasound instrument, bio chemical analysis machinery, haematology equipment, small bacteriology and parasitological laboratories, all this thanks to help of Rhône-Alpes Région. 
  3. A fully qualified veterinary young lady is going to act as a voluntary vet in the RVC in order to train them in the field diagnosis practise from 20 October.
  4. Together with the LYON National Veterinary School, CEVEO is working to set up in 2007 an optional first-degree course on " the pathology of ruminants" at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of NONG LAM University in THU DUC district, HO CHI MINH City, in answer to an express request of Vietnamese Veterinary Surgeons.


[JPG] Cérémonie de la rentrée universitaire à l'Université de BILA TZERKVA en UKRAINE

We are keeping in touch with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Ukrainian veterinary practitioners organizations. 

In each of these three countries, an information mission on private veterinary structures, on organization of the profession, on professional education took place or is going to take place at a General Assembly before the end of the year.

The French veterinary structures are very much appreciated and used as models.


The actions performed by CEVEO in 2004


[JPG] CVR1Three missions in “dairy-cow breeding” training plan and RVC organization :

  • in May with Pierre BUISSON and J.F.MERCIER
    • Organization and equipment of the DONG NAI Reference Veterinary Center.
    • Training in dairy cow clinical practice of 30vets in the South at DONG NAI, and 20 vets in the North at VINH PHUC.
  • in September with Bernard LOBIETTI on a contact mission in HO CHI MINH VILLE with a delegation from the Rhône-Alpes Region.
    • Opening of the DONG NAI Reference Veterinary Center by Bernard LOBIETTI 
    • [JPG] CVR2
  • Dairy cow practice training of 40 vets during 10 days, by Daniel LAURENT and Theodore ALOGNINOUWA. 
    • Contact with the THU DUC Veterinary Faculty.
  • in November dairy cow practice training of 20 vets in the VINH PHUC Reference Veterinary Center, in the North, by Gerard BERLIER and Paul CHAMBON.



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Two visits of Bulgarian vets are organized by Constantin SOLLOGOUB in January and March.


An audit mission with Pierre BROUILLET, Pierre DEVILLECHAISE and Constantin SOLLOGOUB is led from 29th November to 5th December at the request of the Romanian Veterinary Association, in order to estimate the sanitary conditions of bovine and caprine breeding, and the answer brought by the veterinary practitioners, so as to devise suitable veterinary cooperation actions for the next few years.


[JPG] Ceveo International à Prague - 1[JPG] Ceveo International à Prague - 2The general meeting of International CEVEO, presided over this year by the Czech Republic, took place in Prague in May on the occasion of the General Meeting of the International Veerinary Federation. It was the opportunity for the members of the CEVEO board to meet many of their Central and Eastern European correspondents.

In October Paul CHAMBON gave a detailed presentation of the French Order Council structure to the Czech Vet Congress.


[JPG] Ukraine 1CEVEO took part in the veterinary bilateral cooperation scheme “Institutional support to the veterinary medicine department at the Ministry of agricultural policy of the Ukraine”, together with the French agricultural Ministry, for the section “private vets and sanitary mandate”, with :

  • a mission of information on the French veterinary structures, the organs of regulation of private vets, the public service delegation and the relationship between public and private, with Paul CHAMBON. 
  • The organization, for 2 Ukrainian private vets, of a training period in France, at a French practitioner’s Pierre LAVIE, in order for them to understand our professional organization.

[JPG] Ukraine 2Together with the National Veterinary School of LYON, the Veterinary Services National School, the Liege Veterinary Faculty, CEVEO presents a European project of cooperation TEMPUS, worked out with the Veterinary Medicine Department of the UKRAINE, the University of BILA TZERKVA and its veterinary faculty, called :

The training of official vets in the Ukraine.

This project concerns both civil official vets and private vets entrusted with a public service mission. It will actually mean a rational structuring and organizing of the private vet profession according to a plan which looks like ours very much.

During the initiating period, Gerard KECK (Veterinary school), Eric MALLET (Veterinary services School) and Marc HELFRE (CEVEO) spent a week in the Ukraine in September, in order to build up the project with the Ukrainian persons in charge.

If the project is accepted, it will lead part of our activity for the next 3 years.

In 2005, in the developments of the 2004 actions, CEVEO will direct its cooperation actions towards the Eastern European countries who have applied, or will apply for joining in the European Union, and of course towards Vietnam too.

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