Coopération & Echanges Vétérinaires Est-Ouest
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What is CEVEO ?

A non-profitmaking organization made up mainly of French private veterinary surgeons, which was originally started in the “Rhône-Alpes” area.

Set up in 1992 with the support of “Vets without frontiers” and at the request of veterinary surgeons from several East European countries who had just come out of a totalitarian system of government, and who thus found themselves «privatized» from one day to the next. Made up of 60 active members, and several hundreds of supporters from all over France.

What is CEVEO competent in ?
  • Organizing and structuring the private veterinary activity.
  • Creating a national veterinary Association (Order Council) and setting up an internal deontology.
  • The private veterinary surgeon’s status and role.
  • Relationship between private vets and official vets in the management of veterinary public health.
  • Prescribing and dispensing medicines / Pharmacovigilance.
  • Organizing and running the private veterinary surgery or clinic.
  • Clinical test and daily practice in all species, upgrading vets’ knowledge.
  • Improving the quality of animal production, hygiene of milk and cheese in bovine and caprine species, of the meat production in livestock.
  • Health supervision and prevention in organized production (pigs / poultry).
  • The vet’s technical and economic role in rural areas.

How does CEVEO work ?
  • Short and busy one-week (two maximum) missions, performed by non-specialized or specialized vets and teachers
  • Lectures and practical work
  • Welcoming foreign vets in France, so that they can do fieldwork
  • Defending French as a world-language
How is it financed ?

Internal funding : yearly contributions of supporters, veterinary surgeons and firms closely related to the veterinary profession: pharmaceutical laboratories and retailing firms, professional organizations (Vets’ Association, Vets’ Union, Veterinary Technical Group). All the members who take part either in running the association or in missions are voluntary workers.

External funding : the Rhône-Alpes Region, the Rhône Department head office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for some one-off missions.

CEVEO and the global veterinary offer of international cooperation
In the offer of cooperation made by French vets to their colleagues from countries which are joining in free-market economy, CEVEO represents the private side of the veterinary profession, next to the official organizations grouped together in International Veterinary France.
CEVEO acts in the field of cultural cooperation, but it prepares the ground for future cooperation and economic exchanges


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