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CEVEO General meeting, January 19, 2006

The general Assembly of CEVEO took place on 19th January 2006 at 8 p.m.at the Dagneux townhall, 30 partners being present, and Doctor Bernard LOBIETTI being the chairman.

Also took part in this Assembly :

  • Doctor Malcolm SAUNDERS, International Veterinary France (FVI)
  • Doctor Stéphane MARTINOT, headmaster of the Lyon Veterinary School (ENVL)
  • Doctor Vincent PFISTER, in charge of international relations at National Veterinary Department School (ENSV)
  • Mr Gilbert GAILLARD, mayor of Dagneux.

The chairman’s moral report :

Chairman LOBIETTI presented his moral report on the actions led by CEVEO and touched on the future and the statutory evolution, which will be developed at the end of the meeting.
He insisted on the fact that the 10 countries which have joined the EU, where CEVEO had worked a lot during 10 years, don’t appeal to us any longer, thus showing that they have reached their “veterinary autonomy”, which is for our Association a reason to be satisfied.
On the other hand, there are huge needs in countries which have applied for joining: Bulgaria and Rumania.
These countries are undergoing profound changes and the ceaseless and somehow anarchic alterations are deeply disrupting CEVEO’s work.

The actions performed in 2005 :

CEVEO took part in the Bulgarian Veterinary Chamber General Assembly in late March 2005. Bernard LOBIETTI and Marc HELFRE presented the French professional structures, regulation and professional ethics and the law on veterinary phamacy

The professional structures were presented by Christian RONDEAU, the safety and quality of dairy produce by Pierre BROUILLET, the meat hygiene in slaughterhouses by Jean SERBOURCE, in July 2005.

The private professional structures were presented by Paul CHAMBON at the general Assembly of the Ukrainian Vets in October 2005.
The Tempus project carried out by CEVEO, ENVL, ENSV. and the BILA TZERKVA agro-veterinary University, about the training of State Vets (Official inspectors and private vets with a sanitary mandate) was adjusted and given a new presentation. It’s a 3 -year- project supported by European funds.

Training missions
Three missions for training vets were carried out in 2005 :
Two in the South in our DONG NAI Reference Veterinary Centre ( CVR )

  • In March with Theodore ALOGNINOUWA and Marc HELFRE on dairy cows,
  • In October with Thierry SEGRETO and Théodore ALOGNINOUWA on pig pathology.

A training mission “dairy cow” was carried out in the North in December in the VINH PHUC province, with Gérard BERLiER and Jacques DEVOS.
These are first and foremost practical training missions and include many visits to breeding farms.
Jacques DEVOS presented a report of his mission illustrated with many photos.
He related a contact he had, together with Marc HELFRE, with AVSF person in charge.

Equipment of the CVR
the DONG NAI CVR has been equipped with high performance veterinary technical equipments: echographer, biochemical and hematological analysis machine, small bacteriology and parasitology lab.
A Rhône-Alpes Région significant grant has made this equipment possible.

French vets on duty at the CVR
A young lady vet Marie BENOIT has been at the CVR since 20th October, for 6 months. Her mision is to set up the equipment and diagnosis lab, to train the CVR Vietnamese vet team to perform both clinical examinations and diagnosis and lab examinations and diagnosis. It is also to develop the CVR’s activities. When she leaves, this work will be taken over by Vets who are specializing in livestock, according to the agreement between CEVEO and the ENVL.

Training of Vietnamese veterinary students
During their mission in May Doctors HELFRE and ALOGNINOUWA met the Dean and Vice Dean of the THU DUC Veterinary School, in the HO CHI MINH province. These 2 Heads asked the Lyon Veterinary School ( ENVL ) to organize an optional training course on “ the Pathology of Ruminants”. This training will consist in 5 theoretical modules at University and practical work at the DONG NAI CVR. The young French vets working then on the spot will take an active part in this training. This training is intended for veterinary students, and especially French- speaking students in their last year of studies. This course will start in early 2007.

The 2005 balance sheet

With the General Assembly in January, it was made posible to close the accounts for 2005 and present the balance sheet. The incomings come from the same source as previously: Rhône-Alpes region as far as Vietnam is concerned, and Rhône general council for Eastern Europe and a little for Vietnam, subsidy from MERIAL Society, contribution from PFIZER Society, the Vets regional Order, the regional GTV, the regional AFVAC , the ENVL and ALCYON Society.
The chairman observes that the overheads never cut down the subsidy dedicated to the missions and remain within a 15% limit.
The balance sheet is voted for and unanimously accepted.

Thoughts about the future

The partners were then asked to think about the CEVEO development and everlastingness in the future.It will be important to renew progressively the team who lead our Association and to open it more widely to Vets from other French areas, and to the Veterinary Professional Organizations.

To conclude this General Assembly, we had a meal in a friendly atmosphere.

Conception / Réalisation / Hébergement : ADVI SARL